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Photo locations: Lafayette and surroundings areas

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Having trouble deciding on a location for your photo session? I’d love to share some ideas with you 🙂 If you have a photographer you are already working with, please get with them for session fees for each of these locations.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

(Alumni Center)

Downtown Lafayette

The Mill

(New Iberia)

Parc Lafayette

Jungle Gardens

(New Iberia)

Lake Martin


Breaux Bridge

Moncus Park at the Horse Farm

(currently being renovated)

Other locations include, but not limited to:

Acadian Village

River Ranch


Avery Island

Rip Van Winkle Gardens

Plantation Homes

Bed & Breakfast

Some examples include:

Your school

Family member’s house

The place of proposal

Your favorite park

A nearby field

Don’t forget about the festivals Louisiana has to offer, with over 400 there’s sure to be a festival that could also be the perfect location for your session as well.

Have more location ideas? Share them in the comments, i’d love to hear from you ♥


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oneearth hotels
oneearth hotels
Feb 28, 2023

Amazing photos & location for beautifully capture. Liked it.. Cheers!!

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