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Festival International 2018

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Art! Music! Costume! Action! Who’s ready get to their festivalin’ on this year at Festival International de Louisiane? If you find yourself thinking, “Hmmm, I went last year, so I think I will pass on going this year…” or , “Eh, it sounds cool, but it’s too far away…” Don’t be silly! No one needs that kind of negative energy in their life. Grab yo kids. Grab ya wife. And grab ya dogs and friends while you’re at it, and head on over to downtown Lafayette, Louisiana for some music, food, crafts, volunteering, fun, and more! Plus, it’s free-entry!

What and why

Festival International de Louisiane is essentially a non-profit organization with the mission of connecting the community through the world of international arts. Over the years, it has become the LARGEST music and arts festival in all of the United States, joining people from all of the world to celebrate life and culture through performing arts, food and crafts. Every April, the downtown area of Lafayette, Louisiana is transformed into a major checkpoint for tourism, education, and cultural expression by bringing in over 300,000 festival-goers and artists from over 20 different countries! I better see you there this April, 25-29!

Lineup and events

After 32 years, Festival International will be surpassing any other with the the number of artists, vendors, and visitors! From Louisiana to the Czech Republic to Morocco to China to Latin America, Festival has the largest diversity of artists yet! You will get the chance to have a live experience with The Givers, Marc Broussard, Sidi Toure, Mydy Rabycad, Wesli, Amythyst Kiah, Frigg, Socks in the Frying Pan, Ladama and more! Festival is literally bringing th world the our Louisiana backyard!

See full line-up here

News Flash! Festival International is getting rid of beverage tickets and introducing the new RFID wristband payment system, sponsored by IBERIABANK. What is this you ask? It’s essentially a form of paying for beverages and merchandise at Festival with double tap on the wrist after loading a chosen amount off money at the “Top-up” stations. Why should you consider one of these RFID bracelets? Here’s why:

  1. Efficiency: shorter lines and faster transaction times

  2. Removes all worries of finding an ATM and losing your wallet/money

  3. Gives better control of your budget and spending

  4. Digital receipts through email

  5. Get your unused money refunded back to you after Festival! ($5 processing fee will apply) find out more here

Volunteer and 5k: With Festival International there always comes many ways to give back, participate, and get behind the scenes. If you one that is looking to experience Festival International in a new way, you should definitely consider running the 2018 Courir du Festival 5K, presented by Stuller, or joining one of the many volunteer opportunities available. From selling pins, to helping the video crews through AOC, to taking photography, to joining the recycling crew there’s so much you do to become the backbones of this incredible festival.

For more information in signing up go to Festival International’s Volunteer page here

Festival International has and endless amount of things to experience this year! With a perfect mixture of old traditions, diverse cultures, endless entertainment, and fresh new additions, there is definitely a sense of belonging waiting there for everyone. So, whether you are a first time festival-goer or a 32-year festival veteran, I can assure you there will be something new for you!

Post by Guest Blogger & Blog Editor

Lauren DeWitt (Louisiana Native)

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